How Many Calories Are In a Shot of Rum? Rum Calories | Saucey (2023)

The feeling you get after taking a shot of rum is like no other. That spicy, woody, earthy burst just hits you right in your throat.

With most rums floating around the 40% ABV mark, you’ll likely feel a nice buzz afterward, too. Don’t go too crazy, though. Things can quickly go left when rum shots are involved.

Shots are meant to be chugged. You’re not really supposed to even taste the alcohol you’re drinking. So that means, although many people love the taste of rum, it’s best to take your shot fast.

The rum finish is smooth, but it still kind of burns, so you should know what you’re getting yourself into when you take a shot.

It doesn’t have to be straight rum to be a rum shot. Try taking a shot of a delicious rum cocktail. One beloved drink combination is rum and coke.

You may be wondering, though: how many calories are in a shot of rum? Is all this indulging in rum going to mess with your diet?

Well, that’s a tough question to answer since there are so many different types of rums and ways to prepare a rum shot. Today, we’re going to discuss some of these nuances and attempt to tackle this question. To find out more, continue reading below with Saucey.

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The different types of rum

Before calculating how many calories are in a rum shot, it’s important to know the different kinds of rums. The rums we’re going to be discussing today are:

  • Light rums
  • Gold rums
  • Dark rums
  • Flavored or spiced rums
  • Overproof rums

Light rum

Light rums are light-bodied and can also be referred to as white rum or silver rum. This is the most frequently seen rum in stores. Its palate is fairly sweet and mild. Regarded for its smooth taste, it is a popular ingredient in cocktails.

This type of rum is aged for a shorter period of time than any other rum variety. It can also be filtered after aging to remove its color before being bottled. Most light rums are made in Puerto Rico and aged in stainless steel tanks.

Gold rum

Gold rums are medium-bodied and are sometimes called amber rums. In terms of flavor, they are rich and smooth. After being distilled, caramel is added to this rum, giving it a more distinct flavor and a stronger taste than light rum.

Oak casks are used to age gold rums, which contribute to their dark, smooth color. Sometimes, light rums in cocktails are substituted for gold rums.

Dark rum

Dark rums mainly come from Jamaica or Haiti and are known for their dark color and bold taste. They are heavy-bodied and produced from caramelized molasses and sugars. Dark rums are aged in heavily charred barrels for longer periods of time than light and gold rums.

Flavored and Spiced Rum

Flavored or spiced rums are exactly what they sound like. These spiced rums are flavored with additives, usually with coconut, banana, orange, pineapple, mango, and more.

Overproof rum

Overproof rums have an ABV higher than the standard 40%. They’re almost always only used as floaters in mixed drinks. Overproof rums are commonly used for making flamed drinks because their high ABV makes them very flammable.

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The calorie counts of different rums

To give you a good idea of how many calories are in different kinds of rum, we’re giving you the calorie count for a specific rum in each category discussed above.

  • A one-ounce shot of Captain Morgan White Rum contains 64 calories. This is a classic rum that is distilled five times, ensuring the highest level of purity. It is a popular cocktail ingredient.
  • A one-ounce shot of Bacardi Gold Rum contains 65 calories. This is a Puerto Rican rum with notes of caramel and vanilla.
  • A one-ounce shot of Gosling’s Black Seal Rum contains 69 calories. This is a dark rum with butterscotch, vanilla, and caramel notes.
  • A one-ounce shot of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum contains 57 calories. The formula to this beloved rum is actually a secret. However, it boasts sweet notes of caramel and vanilla, with a smooth finish.
  • A one-ounce shot of Lemon Hart 151 Overproof Rum contains 69 calories. This is an old-school rum using a recipe based on select high-proof Demerara rums. It can be used as a float in drinks or as an ingredient for cocktails.

Now, these values are just for straight-up rum shots. When you begin adding different components to your shots, the calories will go up. But with these bases, you should have a solid idea of how many calories each shot is costing you.

Cool rum shots that you can try

There are several innovative ways to spice up your rum shots—just be wary that any mixers you add will seriously add to the calorie count. Of course, the natural taste of rum is great. But don’t let that stop you from experimenting.

Hot Buttered Rum Shot

One of our favorites is the hot buttered rum shot. Doesn’t that just sound delicious in itself? This shot is great for the winter months. Just combine some dark rum with vanilla extract, brown sugar, and butter. Add some additional winter spices like nutmeg or cardamom if you want.

Café Con Ron Shot

The Café Con Ron is also an amazing option. This shot essentially tastes like coffee and rum. Its ingredients include dark rum, cold brew, and RumChata, a sweet, cinnamony liquor. This drink is great for the mornings or early afternoons, especially on a warm day.

Daiquiri Shot

Next on the list is the Daiquiri. Technically, this one is a cocktail, but it can still be served as a shot.

This shot combines rum, lime juice, and simple syrup. Just pour up any rum of your choice and taste the tangy, fruity notes of this drink.

The Hurrican Shot

For the fruit lovers, you’re going to fall in love with the Hurricane. This sweet cocktail contains white rum, dark rum, passion fruit, orange and lime juice, simple syrup, and grenadine.

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With two different kinds of rums and a variety of different fruit elements, you really experience an explosion of flavors with this shot. It is sweet and smooth but strong enough to have you buzzing with the white and dark rum.

The Big Bamboo Shooter

Last but not least on the list is the Big Bamboo Shooter. This is the only shot on our list that uses overproof rum. It is a blend of orange and pineapple juice, dark rum, simple syrup, and bitters.

Few cocktails do as good of a job mixing sweet and bold notes together.

The rum production process

In its rawest form, rum is distilled from sugar. Typically, it’s made from the byproducts of sugarcane, such as molasses or sugarcane juice.

When made with sugarcane juice, rum is distilled and fermented. A clear liquid is formed, then aged in oak barrels for further brewing.

This process is long and tedious, usually taking several years. However, the final result is a perfectly refined, distinctly tasting rum.

When it isn’t fermented with sugarcane juice, rum is generally sweet. But after being brewed, the taste changes.

Where rum comes from

Rum is produced in a multitude of countries all over the globe. But a majority of the world’s rum comes from the Caribbean and Latin America.

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Nations that produce rum include Australia, Portugal, Austria, Canada, Fiji, India, Japan, Mauritius, Nepal, New Zealand, the Philippines, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The history of rum is quite murky, but judging from its production rate, some have suggested that the drink has Latin American roots.

Sugarcane was first introduced to the West Indies when Columbus brought it over from Europe. The first variations of rum were made in Barbados, Brazil, and Jamaica.

One thing that we know for sure about rum is that there are no rules when it comes to this drink. And that applies to where it’s made.

Many different styles of the spirit have been produced from varying areas. There are many contrasting interpretations of this drink, which is what makes it so special. Usually, these differences are in the distillation and fermentation processes.

The quality of your rum will be determined by the quality of the sugarcane it comes from. And the quality of the sugarcane will be determined by the fertility of the soil it’s grown in, as well as the climate.

The takeaway

Rum shots are an exquisite treat, but they’re definitely not low in calories. For this reason, as with most other vices in life, it is imperative to drink in moderation.

Maybe rum shots aren’t ideal as an everyday habit. But with all this information in mind, hopefully, it will be easier to control your calories when drinking. Nothing is wrong with taking a rum shot here and there, so long as you pay attention to what you’re knocking back.

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How Many Calories Are In a Shot of Rum? Rum Calories | Saucey? ›

A one-ounce shot

A shooter, or shot, is a small serving of spirits or a mixed drink (usually about one US fluid ounce or 30 millilitres), typically consumed quickly, often in a single gulp. It is common to serve a shooter as a "side" to a larger drink. › wiki › Shooter_(drink)
of Bacardi Gold Rum contains 65 calories.

How many calories are in 2 shots of white rum? ›

There are 54 calories in 1 shot (25 ml) of Bacardi White Rum.

How many calories are in 2 shots of spiced rum? ›

With less than 1 gram of sugar* and only 86 calories per serve,* our Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum is gluten-free and perfect for pairing with your favorite mixers.

How many calories in a 1 oz shot of rum? ›

There are 64 calories in 1 fluid ounce of Rum.

Is rum full of sugar? ›

Rum is a drink certainly made from a sugarcane by-product, generally molasses, through a fermentation and distillation process. But after going through this process there is zero sugar content left in the distillate.

Is rum bad when trying to lose weight? ›

Wine, beer, champagne and single spirits like vodka, rum, tequila or whiskey have the lowest calorie and carbohydrate counts. If your goal is weight loss and you don't want to give up alcohol, you don't have to.

How many shots of rum is healthy? ›

You should, therefore, consume Rum very cautiously and can drink up to 1.5 ounces per day. Anything more than can be detrimental for your health.

Is vodka or rum more fattening? ›

The calories in vodka and rum are the same, 64 calories/oz but it may vary depending on brand and proof. If the rum is spiced or tastes discernibly sweeter than others, it likely has additional calories.

Is rum a low calorie alcohol? ›

So the short answer is: If you're looking to shed pounds, some of your lowest-calorie bets are a shot of spirits (for example, a 1.5-ounce shot of vodka, gin, rum, whiskey or tequila contains an average of 97 calories), a glass of champagne (about 84 calories per 4 ounces); a glass of dry wine (approximately 120 to 125 ...

Is dark rum high in calories? ›

How many calories are in rum? Alcohol contains around seven calories a gram, almost as many as pure fat. This means that because rum contain lots of alcohol, it's high in calories too.

How healthy is rum? ›

Rum has serious antibacterial properties. If you have a cold, your body has to fight off bad bacteria. Antibacterial drinks help to do just that (and keep scurvy away, too). A small dose of rum can help relieve a sore throat, one of the most common symptoms of a cold.

How much rum should I drink? ›

While drinking in moderation is true of any spirit, it is important to pay extra attention to your rum intake. Limit yourself to three rum drinks max per sitting and drink plenty of water.

Is rum less fattening than wine? ›

Hard liquor usually has more calories than beer or wine. Each fluid ounce of 80-proof distilled spirits, including rum, gin, whiskey and vodka, contains 64 calories, making the typical 1.5-ounce serving about 96 calories. Liqueurs tend to be higher in calories, because they're higher in sugar.

Is rum more fattening than whiskey? ›

Rum and whiskey generally have the same amount of calories. Each of the spirits is usually flavored or spiced. Bourbon is a form of whiskey, so these three alcohols all contain roughly the same amount of calories per standard drink. There are approximately 97 calories per standard drink of rum, whiskey and bourbon.

What is the lowest calorie alcohol per shot? ›

The lowest-calorie alcohol is vodka, which only has 100 calories in a 50-millimeter shot. Other alcohols among those with the lowest calories are whisky, gin, and tequila, which all have about 110 calories per shot.

Which rum is lowest in sugar? ›

Some distilleries, like Jamaica's Appleton Estate, add no sugar to their rums. A bottle of Havana Club 3 Años contains very little added sugar - about 3 grams. At the other end of the scale, a bottle of Venezuelan Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva 12 Años rum can include almost 30 grams (7 teaspoons) of added sugar.

Does rum spike insulin? ›

Gin, rum, vodka, or whiskey

If you do drink these with alcohol, your blood sugar may spike and then dip to dangerously low levels. When consumed on their own, hard liquors provide 0 grams of carbs but may lead to very low blood sugar levels. Avoid drinking them on an empty stomach or mixing them with sugary drinks.

Which has less sugar vodka or rum? ›

Regardless of whether a distiller makes whiskey, brandy, tequila, rum or vodka, what comes off the still is not sweet. There is no sugar in freshly distilled tequila. There is no sugar in freshly distilled vodka. There is no sugar in freshly distilled rum.

Does rum cause belly fat? ›

Alcohol can cause weight gain in four ways: it stops your body from burning fat, it's high in kilojoules, it can make you feel hungry, and it can lead to cravings for salty and greasy foods.

Can you gain weight from rum? ›

Alcohol wreaks havoc on your hormones, self-control, and ability to burn fat. Therefore, it can make you gain weight if you're drinking too much.

What is the best alcohol for not gaining weight? ›

Tequila, vodka, gin and whiskey are the best alcohols for weight loss, with only 60-70 calories for one drink. TRACK IT. Although alcohol is not a carb, a protein or a fat, it still has calories. So, you most definitely want to track it in order to stay within your weight loss or fat loss macros.

Is rum for shots or sipping? ›

Rum was first created in the Caribbean and has become popular worldwide. Typically, darker rums are used for sipping or drinking straight because of the more distinctive flavors, while light rums are used in cocktails.

How long does it take for one shot of rum to wear off? ›

Most of the alcohol that enters the body eventually ends up in the liver, where the vast majority of alcohol metabolism takes place. In general, the liver can process one ounce of liquor (or one standard drink) in one hour.

Is one shot of rum equal to one beer? ›

How many shots are equivalent to one beer? The general rule is that one 12-ounce (354-ml) beer with 5% ABV equals one shot of 40% ABV liquor.

What is the healthiest alcohol to drink straight? ›

#4 Healthiest Alcoholic Drink: Rum, Gin, Scotch, Whiskey, or Tequila Neat. Any hard spirits without added sugary mixers are inherently low in calories and sugar and are, therefore, a good option for alcoholic drinks on a diet.

What is the healthiest mixer for rum? ›

Rum & Coconut Water

Coconut water is low in calories and sugar and also contains electrolytes, such as potassium, sodium and manganese which are great for health and hydration. So, not only is this cocktail great for a low calorie indulgence but also for staving off hangovers because of its hydrating qualities.

What alcohol is lowest in sugar? ›

"Clear liquors like vodka, tequila, and gin are lowest in sugar and calories and are easiest for our bodies to metabolize," Kober says.

How many calories should I eat a day? ›

Adult females need anywhere from 1,600 to 2,400 calories a day and adult males need anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 calories a day, according to the USDA's latest “Dietary Guidelines for Americans” report released in 2020. Daily calorie needs for toddlers younger than 2 falls between 700 and 1,000 calories.

What is the least harmful alcohol to drink? ›

Take a look at this list of the least-damaging alcoholic drinks from Legends at White Oak to help you drink consciously.
  • Red Wine. ...
  • Light Beer. ...
  • Tequila. ...
  • Gin & Rum & Vodka & Whiskey.
Mar 7, 2021

What has more calories wine or rum? ›

A 12-ounce glass of beer has about 150 calories, a 5-ounce glass of red wine has about 125 calories, and a 1.5 ounce shot of gin, rum, vodka, whiskey or tequila has about 100 calories, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

How many shots of rum? ›

How Many Shots Are in a Bottle of Rum? Although rum bottles can come in a variety of sizes, a typical bottle holds 750ml of drink, or about 25.4 fluid ounces. According to the 1.5 fluid ounce industry standard, a bottle of rum contains roughly 16.9 shots.

Is rum more fattening than tequila? ›

Calories in rum: 65 per ounce, 195 per 3-ounce drink. Calories in tequila: 69 per ounce, 207 per 3-ounce drink.

Is rum and Coke less fattening than beer? ›

Beer, regular (355 ml) 150 calories. Beer, light (355 ml) 95 to 100 calories. Rum and Coke (7.5 oz) 170 calories.

Is it OK to drink rum every night? ›

One study showed that there's an increased risk of developing liver conditions too if you drink more than the guidelines recommend regularly. The key is moderation. You can't expect to drink loads of rum every day and miraculously become super healthy. Make sure you eat a balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise.

How much rum can you drink a day? ›

Drinking too much alcohol can be harmful to your health, including your brain. Therefore, you should consume Rum only in limited amounts (up to one and a half ounces per day).

Is rum harmful for liver? ›

Anyone who drinks alcohol regularly or heavily can damage their liver. The damage can be mild, like fatty liver. Or, it can be serious, like alcoholic hepatitis and/or cirrhosis. Mild liver disease, like fatty liver can be reversed completely if a person stops drinking alcohol.

Is 3 shots of rum too much? ›

Most bottles of rum have a standard content of at least 40% ABV. A normal body-type person will take three to four standard shots to feel the effect of the spirit. It amounts to 120ml to 135ml of rum intake. Overproof rum with more than 60% ABV needs a little toning down to lessen the effect.

What is the correct way to drink rum? ›

Drink It Like Whiskey—with a Splash of Water or Ice

Most spirits are distilled to 40 percent alcohol by volume, or 80 proof, but many rums are bottled at higher proofs. For those stiffer rums, “adding ice or a splash of water will mellow it out so the alcohol vapors don't overpower the subtle flavors,” says Vida.

Do people do shots of rum? ›

Rum. Many different types of liquor can be used for shots, but rum is often a great choice. Rum has a sweet, smooth flavor that can be enjoyed by everyone. It's also relatively inexpensive, making it a great option for budget-minded drinkers.

How to get a buzz without alcohol? ›

- Caffeinated Energy Drinks: Caffeinated energy drinks are some of the most popular functional drinks on the market. They are packed with caffeine and other stimulants, which can give you a quick buzz.

Why is rum better than vodka? ›

Rum is a sweeter and smoother liquor when consumed by itself or neat. This is because rum is made with sugarcane, which imparts a sweeter flavor to the spirit. Vodka, on the other hand, is made from grains such as wheat or rye. This gives vodka a more neutral flavor that some people prefer.

What alcohol has no sugar or carbs? ›

Pure alcohol like rum, vodka, gin, tequila, and whiskey contains no carbs. In addition, wine, light beer, and some cocktails can be relatively low in carbs.

What alcohol has the lowest calories and carbs? ›

Spirits Calorie Count
  • Vodka: 64 calories and zero carbs per ounce.
  • Tequila: 69 calories and zero carbs per ounce.
  • Gin: 74 calories and zero carbs per ounce.
  • Scotch: 80 calories and zero carbs per ounce.
  • Rum: 97 calories and zero carbs per ounce.
Mar 25, 2021

Can you drink alcohol and still lose weight? ›

Yes, you can drink alcohol and lose weight.

Moderation is important, and so is knowing how to choose drinks that will have the least impact on your weight loss goals.

What is the best alcohol to get drunk with the least calories? ›

Vodka is the alcohol with the lowest calories, at around 100 calories per shot (that's a 50ml double-measure). Whisky is slightly more, at roughly 110 calories a shot. Gin and tequila are also 110 calories a shot.

What is the lowest-calorie alcohol per shot? ›

The lowest-calorie alcohol is vodka, which only has 100 calories in a 50-millimeter shot. Other alcohols among those with the lowest calories are whisky, gin, and tequila, which all have about 110 calories per shot.

Which is less fattening vodka or rum? ›

The calories in vodka and rum are the same, 64 calories/oz but it may vary depending on brand and proof. If the rum is spiced or tastes discernibly sweeter than others, it likely has additional calories.

Is rum less fattening than beer? ›

Hard liquor usually has more calories than beer or wine. Each fluid ounce of 80-proof distilled spirits, including rum, gin, whiskey and vodka, contains 64 calories, making the typical 1.5-ounce serving about 96 calories. Liqueurs tend to be higher in calories, because they're higher in sugar.

Which shot has the most calories? ›

14 Liquors With The Highest Calories
  • Schnapps. Schnapps are only about 30 proof (15 percent alcohol) but because sugar is added to the mixture, they pack 195 calories in a single shot.
  • Triple Sec. ...
  • Crème de Menthe. ...
  • Bacardi 151. ...
  • Beer. ...
  • Navy Strength Gin. ...
  • Cognac. ...
  • Wild Turkey Bourbon.
Jul 19, 2016

Is drinking rum fattening? ›

Drinking rum, or other alcoholic drinks, means you will be taking on extra calories on top of your food. And because alcohol also reduces the amount of fat your body burns for energy,4 drinking can lead to weight gain.

Does rum give you beer belly? ›

Any type of alcohol can play a role in the formation of a beer belly, according to Straight shots of hard liquor, such as vodka, rum, tequila and whiskey contain about 64 calories per ounce, so it'll take longer for the calories to cause a beer belly, but it is possible.

What is the best alcohol to drink on slimming world? ›

Best alcoholic drinks to go for whilst trying to lose weight
  • Vodka with slimline tonic or diet lemonade.
  • Brandy and diet lemonade.
  • Rum and diet cola.
  • Dry Red wine.
  • Light beer.

Does rum make you gain weight? ›

Drinking alcohol can impair the functions of the glands that release hormones and the functions of the tissues targeted by those hormones, which can result in a range of health issues. "Alcohol consumption causes increased levels of the hormone cortisol, which has been linked to weight gain," Maurin said.

Is rum high in sugar than vodka? ›

Regardless of whether a distiller makes whiskey, brandy, tequila, rum or vodka, what comes off the still is not sweet. There is no sugar in freshly distilled tequila. There is no sugar in freshly distilled vodka. There is no sugar in freshly distilled rum.


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